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Concealed Plumbing Leak in the Basement

This picture was taken during an inspection done in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec. I found this active leak while inspecting a utility room in the basement. It was hidden behind the HVAC unit in this very cramped utility room: more like a utility closet. The current owners probably did not even know of its existence.

It quickly became apparent that the leaks came from a shower just on the other side of this gypsum board. There were at least 2 if not more leaks. The most important leaks came from the leaky pipe fittings and connections to the valves and faucet. The second source of leaks came from the poor installation of ceramic directly on gypsum board and missing or old caulking at the openings.

The active leaks were not causing significant, visible water damage to the rest of the basement because the rest of the basement was built over a raised wood structure and that water could just drain towards the basement drain.

This situation is a good reminder to inspect your home at least annually, or have it checked by an inspector, like myself, Daniel da Chão of Swantech Home Inspections. Take the time to look in areas you don’t use often: closets, furnace/boiler rooms, utility rooms, garages, the bottom of perimeter walls, behind HVAC units, water tanks, etc. Look for small leaks, evidence of mould, wetness, humidity, sags in the floor and other issues occurring in these remote, hard to see places that could be seeing all kinds of undetected issues.

If you need help, it would be our pleasure to inspect your home annually, or as often as you require. We will inspect your home, draw up a list of issues, prioritise these, and draw up a Home Maintenance Plan.

Daniel da Chão

Swantech Home Inspection Services


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